Shell Sterling Silver Champagne Bucket

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Bicama Shell Sterling Silver Champagne Bucket
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Store your champagne with a touch of elegance and sophistication with the Shell Champagne Bucket. This elegant champagne bucket provides plenty of space to add ice to keep your champagne cool and refreshing. The Shell Champagne Bucket features an antique nautical design etched into the silver and is handcrafted using 1050 grams of solid .925 sterling silver. This champagne bucket stands at 9.5 inches tall. 

Grams of Silver: 1050 grams

Height: 9.5 inches

This piece is handcrafted by Bicama, a company that is located in the province of Padua in the northern part of Italy. They have been producing silverware since 1985. The hands of their silversmiths trace the same rituals of the 16th century Venetian tradition in their movements and processing techniques. In their hands is enclosed all the skill, passion, and pleasure of creating handmade priceless objects, or objects of daily use.

This handcrafted Shell Champagne Bucket makes a sophisticated and priceless addition to your table.

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